August 20, 2010

Flaky Protective Coating Hits the Spot

by Bob Murphy

Sometimes when Sherwin-Williams develops and launches coatings to address specific market needs, down the road we find other markets can benefit from those product attributes.  That’s what happened with a rugged glass flake-reinforced amine epoxy coating and lining system that was originally intended for the demanding requirements of the marine and petrochemical markets. One of […]

July 27, 2010

Tank Construction and Painting for Engineers

by Bob Murphy

Standards aren’t the most scintillating topic at dinner parties, but for the engineering community, they are a critical element of properly designing water storage tanks. An area that is being much discussed right now is AWWA D102, the most complete standard covering the greatest number of individual systems and the most innovative coating technologies.  AWWA’s […]

June 8, 2010

Water/Wastewater Webinar Series

by Bob Murphy

On June 3rd, the Water/Wastewater Team of the Sherwin-Williams Company launched a series of Webinars dealing with a variety of topics related to the industry. The inaugural Webinar was lead by Bruce Snyder, Business Development Manager. Over 50 individuals logged in to participate in the Webinar titled Infrastructure Linings and Rehabilitation. His talk covered corrosion […]

September 29, 2009

Visual Inspection: The Start of the Project

by Bob Murphy

Concrete as a building material has been widely used in the construction of water and wastewater facilities. Concrete is easy to place and form, and its lower cost and higher durability have made concrete a construction material of choice. Protecting concrete from the constant acidic attack of the waste stream has become a challenge for […]

August 28, 2009

Concrete Matters #1 in a series: Placement

by Kevin Morris

Concrete appears at first glance to be one of the easier substrates to prepare and coat. The surface in most cases is rough and porous, and should accept coatings with no problems. However, under the surface lies a sleeping beast that can create problems most people never consider. This series of five posts will describe […]

July 8, 2009

Performing Adhesion Tests in Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

by Bruce Snyder

Coatings adhere to a substrate by chemical or mechanical means. In order to check that this has been accomplished, adhesion tests can be conducted. Adhesion testing is also performed in failure analysis or when a customer is looking to “overcoat” a structure instead of completely removing a coating system.  Both of the test methods mentioned […]

May 27, 2009


by Bob Murphy

Corrosion is one of the primary factors causing deterioration of water and wastewater facilities.  From municipal water treatment plants to industrial waste treatment, corrosion is at work breaking down concrete and steel surfaces in clarifiers, piping, storage tanks and containment systems. Exposure conditions in wastewater facilities have become more severe. In particular, hydrogen sulfide gas […]

May 6, 2009

Surface Preparation of Ductile Iron Pipe

by Bruce Snyder

Ductile iron pipe (DIP) has become an industry standard that is used in many places within a water and wastewater treatment plant for several decades.  Although DIP is strong, flexible and easy to “tap” into, it will still break down when placed into a corrosive environment unprotected. The most common mistake I have seen in […]

April 8, 2009

Sweating The Details

by Kevin Morris

Webster’s defines a specification as, “A particular and detailed description of a thing: specifically a statement of particulars describing the dimensions, details, or peculiarities of any work about to be undertaken as in architecture, building, engineering, etc.” Today’s high performance coatings are more sophisticated than ever and require unique application techniques or equipment.  Labor rates […]

March 17, 2009

Physical Performance or Marketing

by Kevin Morris

As professionals in asset protection you may find yourself in the position of relying on your suppliers to provide you with accurate and relevant physical performance data to use as your basis of design. Over the years you may have been in a situation to review products for equality and deemed them as equal or […]