May 11, 2015

Long-Lasting Tank Interior Coating Systems – Part II

by Tony Ippoliti

Got a new tank project upcoming? Want the interior coating of the tank to last a long time? Want it to last a long time without much maintenance, too? You’re able to do this if you’re aware of the AWWA D102 Standard and the Inside Coating Systems within it. Inside Coating Systems (ICS) are defined […]

June 28, 2010

Coatings for AWWA D-100 Welded Steel Tanks

by Bob Murphy

This past Thursday Tony Ippoliti presented the second in a series of Webinars dedicated to the Water Industry. Tony’s presentation covered the D-102 Standard  of AWWA and the products that Sherwin-Williams can offer to meet or exceed these requirements for potable water storage. Pre-Construction Primer In Tony’s presentation was highlighted the use of a shop-applied […]

June 21, 2010

New Webinar Registration Link

by Bob Murphy

We have automated the Sherwin-Williams Webinar series sign-up process. Just click on the title of the Webinar that you plan to attend and you will be automatically registered for that specific presentation. This is a great way to learn about topics related to Water and Wastewater Industry. It can be done during your lunch time […]

June 8, 2010

Water/Wastewater Webinar Series

by Bob Murphy

On June 3rd, the Water/Wastewater Team of the Sherwin-Williams Company launched a series of Webinars dealing with a variety of topics related to the industry. The inaugural Webinar was lead by Bruce Snyder, Business Development Manager. Over 50 individuals logged in to participate in the Webinar titled Infrastructure Linings and Rehabilitation. His talk covered corrosion […]

January 20, 2010

Terms of confusion, Take 2

by Bob Murphy

Chemical resistance is one the most important qualities in protective linings in relation to protecting the infrastructure. Permeability is often overlooked aas a criteria for chemical resistance of protective linings “What’s the difference between transmission, permeance, and permeability?! I thought there were just ‘perms’.” Don’t worry – I’ll get to all of that later, but […]

January 7, 2010

Time has come today!

by Bob Murphy

As I travel across the country meeting with water utility operators I am often asked, How fast can I put your coating into immersion service?. For years the answer has been 5-7 days to allow the coating to cure properly before immersion into the wastewater system. The world today operates on a much faster time […]

November 20, 2009

Muscling Out Mussels In The Water Process Industry

by Bob Murphy

In an earlier blog titled, We Are Being Invaded! – Mussels Muscling In On Our Water Process Structures, we discussed the impact and consequences of bio-fouling by indigenous and invasive mussels and barnacles on water processing equipment and structures.  In this blog, let’s talk about options to stop or eliminate fouling by these “critters”. At […]

November 4, 2009

We are being invaded!

by Bob Murphy

Mussels Muscling In On Our Water Processing Structures Who would have thought that water discharged from an ocean-going commercial vessel’s ballast tanks in Lake St. Clair (between lakes Erie and Huron) in 1988 would have such far reaching effects on the immersed structures of our water processing and power generation industries?  And yet, that discharge […]

October 1, 2009

Coating Systems Help Protect Aging Wastewater Infrastructure

by Bob Murphy

Linings to Aid in Repair  of Aging Infrastructure * Afflicted by pipe failures, sewer backups and sewage spills, America’s wastewater infrastructure is clearly showing its age. Most municipal sewer systems are 75 to 100 years old, and nearly all are compromised to some degree by corrosion, overburdening and structural fatigue. Even as these existing systems […]

June 9, 2009

“Zinc” Before You Start

by Tony Ippoliti

When considering a new welded steel water storage tank, remember to specify a preconstruction primer. As the name implies, a preconstruction primer (PCP) is a primer that is applied to a steel surface prior to its fabrication into a finished product.  In this example, the surface is steel plate that will be used to make […]