April 20, 2012

Optically Active Pigment Shines Light of Longevity on Aqua PA Water Tower

by Waterblog Admin

Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. (Aqua PA) recently needed to recoat the exterior and interior of an elevated wash water tank at their Neshaminy Water Treatment Plant. It was critical that the company, serving more than one million residents in 30 counties across southeastern Pennsylvania, used protective coatings that would deliver a long service life and present a long-lasting attractive appearance to the high visibility tank.

Among the technology used for this project, Opti-Check optically active pigment (OAP) is the star. Used on the poorly lit interiors of water storage tanks, OAP technology can aid in eliminating small defects or bare spots known as holidays, identifying pinholes and reducing premature failures caused by poor film thickness on areas that are difficult to inspect. This type of technology saves companies money because if holidays are found in an inspection (after the inspector waits several days for the paint to dry), then the coating has to be touched up and allowed to dry before it can be inspected again – wasting precious time and money. With OAP, however, inspectors can look for holidays while the coating is still wet.

We recently had the opportunity to tell the story of the Aqua PA project in Water & Wastes Digest. Click here to learn more about OAP technology and how it helped save this customer time and money.

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