August 1, 2011

Learn the Key First Steps to Extending Storage Tank Life

by Kevin Morris

Water tank
Proper surface preparation readies a surface for good coating adhesion and prevents premature coating failure.  When preparing steel and concrete surfaces, certain critical issues must be addressed and standards followed to achieve maximum benefit from today’s high performance, anti-corrosion coatings.

Join Bruce Snyder for the Sherwin-Williams webinar Making the First Step Count – Surface Preparation Standard. An SSPC protective coatings specialist and concrete coating inspector, as well as a NACE certified coating inspector and SSPC CCB/CCI course instructor, Snyder will share SSPC and NACE cleaning standards as well as his expert insights to help ensure surface preparation procedures maximize the coating’s performance characteristics and extend storage tank service life.

Steel preparation standards to be discussed:

  • Solvent  Cleaning
  • Hand Tool Cleaning
  • White Metal Blast Cleaning
  • Commercial Blast Cleaning
  • Near-White Blast Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation and Cleaning of Steel and other Hard Materials by High and Ultra High Water Jetting


Making the First Step Count – Surface Preparation Standard

August 9, 2011
12:00 – 1:00PM EST

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