March 15, 2011

Taking Control of Corrosion

by Kevin Morris

We recently had the opportunity to provide a primer on corrosion and protective coatings in an issue of Water Environment & Technology Magazine (WE&T), the official publication of WEF. Corrosion costs big bucks – the annual cost of metallic corrosion in the U.S. is a whopping $276 billion or 3% of the U.S. gross domestic product. And that $276 billion doesn’t include the cost of aspirin for the headaches that corrosion issues cause owners, specifiers and contractors alike.

The article helps owners understand corrosion of both metallic and concrete substrates so they can better fight it. It details the barriers to corrosion and the types of coatings available to protect assets. Finally, it provides insight on life cycle costs and coatings failure prevention. We think it’s a best practices guide that owners can use to protect their most critical assets for years to come.

Click here to read the full text. To view the article, scroll to the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, the full text of the article is available only to members of the Water Environment Federation (WEF).

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