August 20, 2010

Flaky Protective Coating Hits the Spot

by Bob Murphy

Sometimes when Sherwin-Williams develops and launches coatings to address specific market needs, down the road we find other markets can benefit from those product attributes.  That’s what happened with a rugged glass flake-reinforced amine epoxy coating and lining system that was originally intended for the demanding requirements of the marine and petrochemical markets.

One of our customers, a metropolitan sewerage district, could no longer rely on spot maintenance of its final clarifier’s inner drum and rake arms. Working with our field sales organization, the MSD of Madison, Wisc., learned about a new technology – Sher-Glass – that was prized in petro and marine applications for its low permeability, basically a thin-film system with the same performance as a high-build system.

The glass flake component of the coating, which functions like armor but is lightweight, produces a more cohesive, durable film with enhanced resistance to abrasion and chemicals.  Another plus: the superior edge retention so crucial to dealing effectively with the numerous angle welds, edges and seams of a rake arm assembly.

Joe Lynch, senior maintenance supervisor of Madison MSD, had a simple need at the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant – a long-term approach to asset protection using a durable coating his own people could maintain without specialized plural component equipment or hazmat gear.  It’s worked so well that he’s using it again this summer on two additional rake arm assemblies.  Read the full story in the current issue of Water & Wastes Digest.

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