July 27, 2010

Tank Construction and Painting for Engineers

by Bob Murphy

Standards aren’t the most scintillating topic at dinner parties, but for the engineering community, they are a critical element of properly designing water storage tanks.

An area that is being much discussed right now is AWWA D102, the most complete standard covering the greatest number of individual systems and the most innovative coating technologies.  AWWA’s Standards Council is currently reviewing proposed changes to D102, which will add two new coating systems that offer high performance with low environmental impact.

The standard covers surface preparation, six generic classifications of Outside Coating Systems (OCS) and five generic classifications of Inside Coating Systems (ICS).  Design professionals also value D102 because it covers the issues of ventilation, tank disinfection and the first-year anniversary inspection.

For a good overview of the D102 topic – present and future – read a recent article in CE News entitled Potable Water Priorities, in which my colleague Tony Ippoliti, an AWWA D102 committee member, provides guidance for engineers on which standards are pertinent to tank construction and painting, and details the importance of D102 generally in facilitating the selection of coating technologies.

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