January 7, 2010

Time has come today!

by Bob Murphy

As I travel across the country meeting with water utility operators I am often asked, How fast can I put your coating into immersion service?. For years the answer has been 5-7 days to allow the coating to cure properly before immersion into the wastewater system.

The world today operates on a much faster time table. First it was fax machines then pagers and now personal digital assistants, instant messaging and Blackberrys. Time is critical to all.

In working with our Research and Development Team we embarked on a project to shorten the cure to immersion time of coatings for the wastewater industry. Looking at a number of resin technologies we found that moisture-cured urethane offered some distinctive advantages in reducing the cure to immersion time.

The coating has been specially formulated to resist H2S gas permeation and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).  By reinforcing the coating with micaceous iron oxide (MIOx), the moisture-cured urethane delivers high abrasion resistance, increased film integrity, lower permeability and superior edge retention qualities.


These performance qualities aside, resuming   immersion service  within four hours of application is well within the capabilities of this coating. This product is used for the assets of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, including clarifiers, settling tanks, wet wells and grit chambers.  It can be applied on both concrete and steel substrates.

Imagine being able to have your clarifier structure cleaned, prepped, coated and back into service in a single day.

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