July 14, 2009

Global Opportunity

by Kevin Morris

Many companies are looking to provide their products and services on a global platform. There are abundant opportunities that exist within the water and wastewater market.  I took the opportunity to learn about some of these opportunities within our marketplace at this year’s AWWA annual conference and exposition in San Diego.

Most of the opportunities being presented were in cooperation with the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, which offers assistance to foreign developing and middle income countries that will advance economic development and U.S. commercial interests. They provide assistance, through grants, for programs such as feasibility studies, technical assistance, procurement assistance, training, orientation visits, and workshops and conferences. They target projects that have the potential to create significant U.S. export opportunities and job sustainability.

Jordan, a small country approximately the size of Indiana in the Middle East, had a delegation of officials attend to promote opportunities for US based companies on upcoming projects in their country. They have issues with water shortage, industrial waste disposal, and desalination needs.

Mexico also had a delegation of officials promoting projects that would require the need of expertise from U.S. based companies. With a country that has the second largest metropolitan market in the world, they have committed to provide a sustainable water and wastewater system to their citizens. They also have a strong focus on reuse water for the purpose of irrigation in cities like Tijuana where they are beginning to beautify the city with trees and parks.

The global economy may be slow, but the need for water and wastewater infrastructure is strong. U.S. based companies are realizing the opportunities to provide solutions around the globe are growing as the people of developing countries strive to improve their environments. Regions like Asia and India are also hot spots for potential business opportunities and the rest of the world is looking to the technologies that the U.S. can provide to solve their problems.

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