June 17, 2009

Before ACE’09, There’s SWPMTAC & STI

by Tony Ippoliti

As a reader of these posts, you know of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and this year’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE ’09) being held in San Diego, California June 14 – 18.  According to AWWA, there are 18 tracks of technical programs providing “the most up-to-date information on every aspect of water operations…”

You may also know that water professionals gather at this event to provide their expertise and experience to various committees that initiate and revise the Standards and seminars used to educate those who provide our most precious resource  – water – to cities and towns. But did you know that meetings take place prior to the opening of the Exposition?

SWPMTAC, the acronym for Steel Water Pipe Manufacturers Technical Advisory Committee, operates as a subcommittee of the AWWA Steel Pipe Committee and we meet to review and revise many of the Standards used by specifiers to provide long-lasting, corrosion-resistant pipe to municipal and industrial users. One discussion, chaired by Bob Murphy, focused on revisions to AWWA C210 Liquid Epoxy Coating Systems for the Interior and Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines. Obtain a copy of AWWA C-210

The STI (Steel Tank Institute) met twice prior to the ACE’09 opening. At our first meeting, the Steel Pipe Section committed to increase opportunities to connect specifiers of steel pipe with the practical knowledge and experience of its members. Webinars and eLearning courses, for which Professional Development Hours are available, are two examples. Check out the STI Pipeline Project of the Year information on its website.

The Field Erected Section members of STI, responsible for the fabrication and construction of welded steel water storage tanks that comply with AWWA D100, met to discuss the locations of our upcoming Water Tank Seminars. These one-day, accredited seminars are and have been offered around the country for twenty years or so. Check locations of the next STI Water Tank Seminar.

All of the above work takes place behind-the-scenes and prior to ACE, which is the more-visible, more-prominent part of the AWWA annual event. But without the efforts of dedicated participants of these committees and subcommittees, water distribution systems would not meet the expectations of water consumers.

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