March 16, 2009


by Kevin Morris

Digester Cover

Have you ever looked for a website that will allow you to review topics that are relevant to your industry and the protection of the assets that you design or own? Are you interested in posting your questions and receiving an answer in a timely manner from a professional that has experience with your situation?

In today’s world, professionals seeking information to assist them in completing projects are going online for readily available data. Sherwin-Williams has recognized that the game is changing and we have created Waterblog in an effort to provide reliable data to the water and wastewater market through our industry leading experts.

Several times weekly we will post topics that are of concern within this industry and that relate to a high performance coating solutions. The topics that we post will be related to our experiences in the field and the questions or needs for specific information that we receive from our commenters.

These posts may direct you to links that will provide greater detail on a particular subject.  We will incorporate links to articles and information from professional organizations such as NACE, SSPC, AWWA, WEF, NASSCO, Rural Water Associations and others to help you collect the data required, from one central source. We certainly hope that you find this tool useful in the growth and direction of your company or municipality as we look forward to an active market with the completion of the stimulus package.

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