April 21, 2009

A Look Inside the AWWA D102-06 Standard

by Tony Ippoliti

The American Water Works Association publishes the D102-06 standard “Coating Steel Water Storage Tanks“.  Specifiers use it to dictate the kind of paint coating system they want applied to their water tank. Within the D102-06 standard, there are currently 6 coating systems for exterior surfaces (Outside Coating Systems – OCS) and 5 coating systems for […]

April 14, 2009

Light At The End of The Tunnel

by Bob Murphy

The current procedure for inspecting the coating for holidays in water storage tanks is to follow NACE SP 0188-06 Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of New Protective Coatings on Conductive Substrates. This method involves passing an electric low voltage wet sponge or high voltage spark tester over the coating area that will be in immersion. This procedure […]

April 3, 2009

Looking Through the “Recoat Window”

by Tony Ippoliti

As far back as 1965, in the Glossary of Terms Used in Maintenance Painting, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (today, NACE International)  defined recoat window as the “time interval required between successive coats.” This “time interval / recoat window” allows the solvents in a primer to evaporate and the protective film to begin to form […]

March 24, 2009

Choosing Exterior Tank Coating Systems

by Tony Ippoliti

When considering a welded steel water storage tank, professional and consulting engineers know that, with proper maintenance, the tank has an indefinite life span.  But they often ask: “what paint system should I use on my new water tank?” and “How long will it last?”  Since very few, if any, civil or environmental engineering courses […]